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February 25th

     Bourbon Street - Big Bass Trio

February 28th

     Waverly Beach - New Guys - Dueling Pianos

​     Bent Keg - Moon Dance Lineup release party

February 29th

     Dairlyland Brew Pub - Jessie Marie and the Rippers

March 6th

     Waverly Beach - Manitowoc Minutes Charlie Berens

March 14th

    Tanners - Rock for Wishes

March 21st

     Bent Keg - Audacity & Chicago Loud 9

February 21st-25th

     Bourbon Street - Mardi Gras Celebration

​February 29th

     Cheers - Doggy Date Night meet and greet w/ Sandi Paws

March 3rd

      Waverly Beach - Taste of the town

March 7th

      Tanners - 5th annual cornhole tourney for fire fighters

      Bourbon Street - DIY Porch sign class

​March 14th

      Bent Keg - Appleton pub crawl scavenger hunt

East central coin

February 29th​

     Classic Turner Hall - Dart Tournament

March 4th-8th

​     WAMO state Pool tournament

March 14th

     Cheers - Dart Tournament

March 20th-22nd

     Holyland Pool Tournament - Multiple bars

March 28th

     Cheers - Cornhole Tournament